1. Forgiveness

From the recording Aum Is God's Sacred Sound

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Copyright 2022, Steve & Mirabai Bangs (ASCAP)

Mirabai Bangs, Vocal & Metallophone
Steve Bangs, Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Melissa Olsen, Keyboards


Copyright 2020, Steve & Mirabai Bangs (ASCAP)
Verse 1
Pains of bitterness from our shivering hearts steal
The joy of our lives, our ability to heal

Chorus 1
Forgiveness frees our heart
Skipping over stones of rage and fear
Melting into pure love
Like a muddy river running clear

Verse 2
Cycles of our lives, endless trials from our past
Dissolve with our faith into a true peace that lasts

Repeat Chorus

In the cradle of forgiveness, comfort in real love
Our soul expands forever on the wings of a dove

Repeat Chorus 2X
Like a muddy river running clear
Like a muddy river…running clear